Mission Critical

01 Mar Mission Critical

WayAroundTheMazeI recently had the opportunity to work with a veteran executive coach and one day we were discussing the importance of mission statements.  Many organizations have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars crafting incredibly beautiful paragraphs that captures the essence of their business.  These mission statements are intended to guide the people and business direction.

What we both agreed on was that while the paragraphs are beautiful they typically end up published, framed and placed on the office wall, so those guests visiting the building can read and understand who you are as a business.  Unfortunately that is where it ends for many businesses.  The paragraphs are too long and tough to incorporate into daily business practice. What we discovered is that by focusing your attention on making sure the core values and purpose of the business are framed and communicated increases the probability of employee recall and implementation.  The purpose and core values are short concise statements that are easily remembered.

The core values are typically routed in the founding entrepreneurial spirit that started the company and guide the organizations approach to business.  There is an emotional connection between core values, employees and the approach taken to market.  They are the guiding rules that determine if an employee fits or doesn’t as it relates to maintaining a desired culture.  For Vista Executive Coaching our core values are:  Motivated by what’s right; All In; The Boutique of Coaching; Always remember why the client approached you; Exceed every expectation.

Secondly, the purpose is the one sentence or even only a few words that lets everyone one know why you are in business and what you do.   The longer it is the more convoluted the message becomes.  For Starbucks the purpose is “The place between work and home”.  It’s simple but all of a sudden every Starbucks employee understands how they play a role in every customer’s life.  At Vista, that purpose is, “We enhance the way leaders define success”

If you can simply articulate your company core values and purpose you will move your people, culture and business in a consistent profitable direction.  In this case, less is often more.