When you’re in the business, it becomes too easy to direct the conversations based on your positional strength, reputation or workplace dynamics. Leveraging Vista allows you to participate in the conversation and understand what your team is really saying.

We’ll lead your team through the meeting agenda, ask the questions that need to be asked,  and give you as a leader the opportunity to participate rather than having to manage the meeting. When executed correctly, this will bring more ideas to the table, increase your employees confidence that their ideas were heard, and ultimately strengthen the team because there is less positional wrestling during the meeting.

Let us guide the conversation

The External Facilitator Advantage

Our focus is supporting you during those meetings that truly require clear and concise outcomes and you need to ensure you’re not influencing the group dynamic. Is everyone participating? What are the group dynamics? You want to participate without being encumbered by the mechanics of running a performance meeting.

Our goal is to provide you an unbiased facilitation environment, asking the questions that others may choose to avoid.

Our motivation is to ensure you and your organizations are truly working on the most important priorities of the business and that can only be achieved if there is free flowing communication during these important strategic conversations.


An opportunity has been identified within your organization, but you don’t know where to start with developing a training program. We can develop a 1 to 2 day workshop on your business topic. It will be:

  • Customized based on your business needs
  • Designed to be internally or externally facilitated
  • Reduces the burden on your team to develop the content

We continually interact with organizations that know they need additional training but fail to execute because of time, resource constraints, or lack of competency in material construction. Let our team of experts help create and deliver the content so you can focus on executing the most important goals of the business.

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