Book Review:
Rookie Smarts, by Liz Wiseman

26 Jan Book Review:
Rookie Smarts, by Liz Wiseman

Rookie SmartsIn an age where information is so readily available, often the simple lessons are buried in the sea of content we are bombarded with daily.  I discovered some of these simple lessons in Liz Wiseman’s book, Rookie Smart.   Her book highlights simple changes we can make in order to help influence the way we think.  I had the opportunity to see Liz Wiseman speak and found her perspective refreshing.  She feels that by removing the protectionist perspective of the seasoned business professional and opening their eyes to unencumbered views of the business rookie helps to make us better leaders.  Her simple approach to embracing the ideas of Rookie thinking can help even the most seasoned veteran rethink their approach to team development and even their daily routine. Here are just three of the simple takeaways to change your view as leader.

Order something different.   You might ask what I am talking about. Well it’s really quite simple.  If you want to think like a rookie….you know that person that is full of energy that throws out ideas at a mile a minute and typically lacks fear and in most cases exceeds our expectations.    Well that same person hasn’t had the opportunity to build the routines of life that make us comfortable.   The same road to work, the same spot at the dinner table and the same restaurant every week because they have the lasagna you love.  All of these routines slowly erode the creativity that makes us flourish as leaders.

Next, dedicate a week to reading.  We have visions of seeing our business growing tenfold so it’s important our knowledge grows proportionately.  Committing yourself to learning your industry, new approaches to business and even the mental escape that is not directly tied to your business all help to refresh ones thought process.  It’s like the drive to work in the morning.  Have you ever driven the same route and pulled into the office and thought to yourself “I don’t remember the trip”.  The same applies to business.  Sometimes we are on cruise control and we need inflection points in our thinking to keep the trip exciting.

Finally, take a walk.  Yep, you know this already, but it’s a proven fact that if you take time to escape the daily routine by taking a walk your mind works better.  Now these walks are intended to let your mind wonder.  Arm yourself with a complex problem you are facing and then head out the door.  Take in the sights and sounds of the walk and then pose your question to the imaginary world.  By asking these questions in an uncluttered setting you will find creative solutions to the task at hand.

Liz Wiseman, metaphorically walks us through the evolution of from Rookie to Pioneer.  Her approach is easily understood and great reminder to all of us to embrace those that think differently and challenge ourselves to move out of our daily routine.