From the Road:
Surf’s Up!

24 Feb From the Road:
Surf’s Up!

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Tofino.  For those that don’t know, it’s considered the surfing capital of Canada.  Now that may not conjure up the images of sandy beaches of Hawaii but it truly surpassed my expectations on many fronts.

surfs up

First, the waves were huge.  Yes for a novice surfer like me….I can’t stress novice enough, the relentless waves took their toll.  I saw my surf board from all sides during my 3 hour adventure.  I learned that although the folks on TV make it seem so simple, the reality is its fun but you need to have some semblance of balance to move the board forward in a productive way.

I took lessons which gave me some of the fundamentals required but the true action of standing up and finding the sweet spot of the board is something that can only be achieved through trial and error.  This same philosophy holds true for your business.  We each have many friends who are willing to impart their knowledge of the business world on you, and like the novice surfer you will listen and then try to ride their knowledge with your perseverance in order to achieve an economic wave of prosperity.

I can assure you that without the help of the experts to add clarity to the steps necessary to improve my probability of success, there was no way I would have been able to stand on my board.  The same holds true for your business.  As your business grows the harder it is to hang on to the practices of yesterday.  You need new advice to help handle the truly big waves and enjoy the free flowing feeling that capturing the monster idea brings.

Welcome to the world of coaching and learning to ride the big waves.