Strategic Planning

Every organization needs a plan that charts their path to becoming or maintaining their successful business position. Coaching the executive team on how to establish these clear strategic plans coupled with tangible milestones increases the probability of long-term personal and organizational success.

Vern Harnish mentions in his book “Scaling Up” that true Strategic Planning is actually a function of Strategic Thinking matched with Executional Planning. During our coaching process we will establish a rhythm that places strategic thinking in the forefront of your business while at the same time implementing organizational documentation that measures the success of executional planning

Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking requires dedicated time to assess the needs of the business without being mired in the day to day details of organizational operations. Our goal is to coach you on how to build this into your weekly rhythm and provide the tools necessary to facilitate thorough conversations that continually provides visibility of potential hurdles or opportunities for growth.

Execution Planning

A proven fact is that most organizations fail not from a lack of vision it’s from an inability to execute the plans required to guarantee success. By establishing weekly planning meetings we coach teams on how to hold each other accountable for executing the most important priorities of the business. This thought process is taken through the organization from the senior executives’ right to the front-line drivers of the business.

When done right, execution is the number one driver moving organization from good to great. Competitors can’t compete because you launch products quicker, you anticipate things further out and you understand when your plans have fallen off track faster there by increasing the rate at which a project can be moved back on track.

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