A Message for Leaders:
Time for lunch

03 Apr A Message for Leaders:
Time for lunch

You see it every day. People gathered at the local cafe, discussing with their colleagues the progress of the day, week or even impact of lifestyle choices. This lunch ritual is more than just an avenue to blow off steam or update your friends on your most recent accolades, it’s an important part of the social fabric and even more importantly foundational to your career and business progression.


Yes, who knew that those daily scheduled lunches would be the backbone behind your advancement? This networking is one of the most important tools in ensuring your hands are on the pulse of business trends, customer engagement or even your long-term employment success. This isn’t new, Rockefeller arguably the wealthiest American in history if he were still alive today made lunch with colleagues a ritual. He would purposefully go out with his executives and talk about the business environment and those things affecting their success daily.

There’s something about breaking bread with your co-workers and friends that humanizes the business world and creates an environment that invites creativity. Now for those that read about Rockefeller, he was ruthless in his approach but the foundational building blocks of communication and networking were there from day one.

As you look to grow your network, who are you taking for coffee or lunch? This isn’t the shot gun approach where you hit as many targets as you can, it’s strategic in nature. You select individuals who directionally support where you want to go. It could be someone that mirrors your core values, is an entrepreneur who started a similar business as yours or perhaps a thought provoking thinker that can provide insights you might otherwise miss. Choose these individuals carefully and then endeavour to meet someone once a week. Your network of influence will grow and at the same time so too will your understanding of the business community.

Enjoy the lunch!